Weddings in NSW – Update – as of August 1st, 2020

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Important update regarding weddings in NSW with roll backs and new permissions as of July 24, 2020 and moving forward.


The July 1, 2020 rollback announcements by the NSW Premier was most certainly good news for couples getting married in NSW, however as of July 24, 2020 social distancing rules are required across all weddings in Australia with each State introducing discretionary restriction roll backs – it is not uniform Australia wide and we all must accept this is the *new norm under the Public Health Order permissions for now as they relate to the operational jurisdictions. The importance of observing social distancing requirements cannot not be overstated.

The new rules will impact your wedding planning and on the day delivery.


The new rule in NSW Australia is for a *1 person per 4 square metre permission across all wedding day ceremony and reception activations and this is now capped at 150 regardless of the size and capacity of the venue.

Indoor ceremony spaces in private residences are again now capped at 20 wedding guests, but only if the square metre capacity can accomodate 20 guests under the 1 person per 4 square metre rule.

The wedding reception spaces are capped at 150 in total however this is only if the venue space has the capacity to accomodate this number under the 1 person per 4 square metre rule. If the venue cannot accomodate your guest list within the Public Health Orders then it’s best to postpone (not cancel) and or seek a larger venue that can factor all of your wedding day requirements under the social distancing requirements. Alternatively you can down size your guest list and live stream by broadcast quality streaming to all guests who cannot attend wherever they may be on the wedding day.

Dance floor activations are now not permitted however when these are permitted again (within the required social distancing provisions) a creative wedding planning approach across all wedding day details, wedding day style and wedding day logistics will play a critical role in the successful wedding day planning and wedding delivery so now is the time to make an appointment with an experienced wedding planner to ensure that you are wedding day ready within the new wedding day rules and remain COVID -19 safe which given the new permissions is not as simple as it sounds.

New wedding day permissions are viewable here.

With these permissions and restrictions in mind and to assist couples moving forward we have already developed a number of floor, seating and on the day activation plans across many venue spaces for the key deliverables plus entertainment and dancing opportunities when permissions are once again in the wedding day mix – enquires to [email protected] or telephone to discuss.

Intimate wedding moments and wedding day activations


Venue configurations and access points will be critical moving forward.

All activations in any ceremony or reception space will depend on the configuration and capacity of the venue of choice (residential or public spaces) and the size of your guest list all of which will be subject to venue site visits to ensure configurations and appropriate logistics are specific to each unique wedding day delivery and are within the standing NSW Public Health Orders.

As with any restriction rollback the team at LUXE – Unforgettable Events is experienced at pivoting wedding planning and delivery activations that reflect the public health order permissions of the day as well as the clients vision and wedding day style across all of the wedding day details including the new permissions as to catering the traditional wedding day cake cutting, dance floor and entertainment activations – this is our partnership commitment to our valued clients.


How to calculate the new rule:

  • 🅰️ Calculating the number of people for the size of the venue and who to include in the calculations is critical to remaining within the NSW Public Health Orders.
  • 🅱️ When you are working out the maximum number of guests permitted *do not include people who will be working at the venue on the day.

What to include in your measurement:
R To work out the maximum number of people permitted at the wedding venues (at any one time) use the relevant calculation for the size of the total existing floor space as sighted across approximated in the below diagram
R For venues of up to 200 square metres in total include the whole area of the venue in your calculation
R Venues of more than 200 square metres in total need only include publicly accessible areas in your calculation
R Calculate your area by measuring the length of your space
R Measure the width of the space
R Multiply the length by the width to calculate the area in square metres
R Divide the area of your ceremony or reception spaces (calculated in square metres) by 4 to calculate the maximum number of people permitted in the space – *see example in the image diagrams for maximum capacity across 1 – 100 persons permitted by existing square metres of the venues and spaces


  • Length = 8.25 metres
  • Width = 10.6 metres
  • Square metres: 8.25 x 10.6 = 87.45

R Maximum number of people permitted for 87.45 ÷ 4 = 21 guests in the wedding venue space no matter if it is for a ceremony only or reception space too, but this is now capped at 150 guests max in any space regardless of square metre capacity of the venue which will limit venue capacity significantly.

Source image @ NSW Health


The key logistic issues are the configurations of the venue, the seating plan and the number of guests that you wish to host on the wedding day and how those may be accommodated within the spaces.

This will include your choice of food and beverage activations also as the new permissions are clear as to how the catering activations must be delivered in a wedding venue space.

The key element here to to minimise the number of persons who can and will handle all catering elements on the day.

Grazing tables, shared platters and self serve operations are out. Plated service to the seated guest by minimal service personnel on the day is now the new norm. The wedding cake that is cut as part of the traditional “cake cutting” by the newly weds cannot then be cut, platted and served to the wedding guests – a seperate cake must be provided that will be cut, platted and served to the seated wedding guest by catering or venue personnel only.

Wedding reception dance floor activations are currently not permitted however when they are they will require professional assessment within the venue of choice as will placement in the floor plan of all entertainment activations – considerable expertise is required to ensure that all these activations are within the new permission criteria at the appropriate time which means in the planning phase we should factor them in and also out given the continuing fluctuations of NSW Health Public Health Orders.

wedding first dance

With the right wedding planning service you will be able to pivot the traditional wedding day and retain all the joy and beauty of the wedding day details as per your wedding style and vision ensuring the public health and safety of the wedding party, families, wedding guests, suppliers, services, vendors, and the venue staff on the actual day.


Invitations and guest concierge signage will also be invaluable to the on the day delivery as will the pre prep of all wedding guests as to the *NSW Public Health Orders of the day so conversations as to the requirements of *temperature testing on arrival of all party to the day along with the record keeping of all attendees addresses, emails and contact numbers by the wedding planner and or venue operators as part of the operational COVID -19 safety provisions which LUXE – Unforgettable Events has adopted in all planning and operational on the day activations across services, suppliers, vendors and venues in accordance with the NSW Health Department criteria.

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Our “COVID -19 Safe“ badge is issued by the NSW Health Department – which is only issued to event management services and venues who have registered their compliance and competencies with the NSW Health Department. The health and safety of our clients and guests plus our on the day delivery teams remain as always our highest priority – this is our operational policy.

Source image issued @ NSW Health

The new wedding day norm will take some finessing and logistic management but it is doable if you partner with the right wedding planner to ensure your day is wedding day ready – the right way.

I am only a phone call away to assist you and your partner to realise your totally unforgettable day – your way no matter the public health order requirements of the day.




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